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LADIES! Do you have a hard time breathing? Have back and shoulder pain? Are you overweight and concerned about what that means for your health? Do you suffer from depression, low self-esteem, and low energy? Are you angry and ashamed of the way you look and feel? Do you avoid social activities and opportunities because of the way you look and feel?

If you answered yes to a lot of these questions. I know exactly how you feel. From the time I was a teen until my early twenties, I suffered from depression, low self-esteem and serious thoughts of constant self-doubt. This was so bad that at one point I had a serious plan and almost execution of suicide.

The decisions I made at that time were poor due to my mindset and serious insecurities and inability to see my value.

At the age of 21, this resulted in a very unhealthy relationship that was emotionally abusive and borderline physically abusive. Because of this relationship and my poor decisions I found myself pregnant. I knew that this relationship was not healthy for myself but most importantly my unborn child.

So, when I was 22 I made the decision to become a sole support, Mother. Needless to say, this left me scared and very unsure what the future had to offer us.

I was left to deal with financial and emotional obligations on my own.

At six months of age, my son was diagnosed with Hemophilia B, a rare blood disorder. This left me even more angry, confused and frustrated at our circumstances. I began coping with very unhealthy manners. I knew something had to change.

When I was 24, I began competitive Olympic style Boxing as a way to channel my feelings of frustration, anger, depression, and confusion at life.

From the age of 25 until I was 32. I competed in 40 amateur boxing fights. I gained two silver medals at Nationals and won the first Canadian Golden Gloves. I also graduated from University with a Bachelor of Science’s in nursing, passed my registered nursing certification and completed a number of fitness certifications. I was driven to do all of this because I wanted to be the #1 Role Model for my son!

Finally, in 2014, I was ready. I had overcome so many emotionally, physical, financial and psychological challenges, that my belief in myself was unshakeable and I was ready to turn professional.

I was set to be the co-main event on the first all Female North American Professional Boxing event.

This was the weigh-in photo for my professional debut

In August 2014 I watched my dream come true before my eyes. I was able to walk out to my entrance song with my son by my side. I was truly role modeling to him, that when you focus, believe in yourself and work diligently, your Dreams can come true.

My son and myself with a professional photo shoot that was published in the Toronto Star by Lisa Macintosh

I am sharing my story with you, NOT to IMPRESS YOU, but to IMPRESS UPON YOU. That when you have a goal all kinds of obstacles are going to get in the way, but you need to Start NOW to be ABLE to move towards your goals. It is important to NOT WAIT until the time is right, there is no right time. Life is always going to get in the way.

You may be thinking well I could never do what you have done? I would never fight in the ring to reach my goals. Well, you are RIGHT. You don’t need to get into the boxing ring to achieve your fitness goals. You just need to start with award-winning coaching, support and a community that lifts you up.

Out of 150 Entries I was one of 7 recipients to receive an award for health and wellness