Want to Box?

Saturday November 24, 2019 @ 9am Onthebutton Club Promotions is auditioning women for an amateur boxing fundraiser event that is happening April 4, 2019. No experience Necessary! Learn how to box and help people fight back against Parkinson’s.  “IN THIS CORNER, HOPE”  Interested in Sponsorship or Vendor Opportunities? See information below. How To Out Shine […]

Foodie Fridays

I started working on the goal of cooking more home cooked, low glycemic and essentially gluten-free snacks and meals just before the holidays. I always believe in preparing for a goal before actually fully committing to the goal. It’s preparing your mind and habits for the future without any kind of added stress. The following recipe is […]

Find Your Abs in 90 Days Challenge

Let’s Take it Back to the 90s! Freeze pops, Furbys, and frosted tips anyone?  No? Well, how about 90 days to get your abs into top shape? Who wants a set of these? Yes, you do? AWESOME! Starting on January 15th, through Instagram and Facebook, On The Button Club is starting a “Find your Abs in […]

Wednesday Workout

The left side of the screen shows how to use your body weight to develop strength with a squat.  The right side of the screen shows how you can squat to burn fat. Tired of not sticking to your fitness goals?  Rethink the way you move your body.  You don’t need to view it as hard work, a […]

42 in 6 Weeks Fitness Challenge

42 in 6 Weeks Challenge Looking for excuses to get fit? Do you enjoy helping others and raising funds for worthy life saving causes? Need some serious motivation and accountability to get you jump started with your health and fitness goals? If you said yes to any one of these questions. Then the 42 in 6 […]

Sharing is Caring!!!

Sharing = Free = Increased Chance to Shop on Amazon and Go to Cinplex Odion and More! Click below the video to follow along on social media. In the next few days there will be some fun little training clips and pictures up for an upcoming free seminar (May 13th, 11am, Fitness Side of Undisputed […]

St Patricks Day Partner Training Night

When: Friday March 17, 2017 from 6-7pm. Where: 127 Sunrise Ave, Unit 3 What: 1hr Bootcamp partner style workout. Designed for beginner to advanced boot camper’s. Bring a partner and your luck will be tested by being entered into a draw to win a couple prizes *note for every friend you bring, the more tickets […]