Rhonwen D

Lita is the best!

After a long period of injury, inactivity and spiritual work I was looking for a workout regime… I tried going back to the things I’ve done before and nothing pulled me in.    So when a friend invited me to come to Lita’s class I agreed, despite some internal resistance.  The class was hard and I was super sore… but my shoulder injury wasn’t aggravated and I felt really proud of myself.  After that it took me a while to get into a class… scheduling, mental prep, fear… so I reached out to Lita and her extra encouragement got me there.

At first I couldn’t go as consistently as I would have liked, but I gave myself one goal:  just get there… everything else is a bonus… but every time I got there I worked hard.  And Lita was always there encouraging and modifying the exercises for my personal needs.  And after a while I started noticing the changes in my body… and more importantly, a change in my belief in myself.  I started challenging those mental scripts and seeing that I am able to do things I didn’t think I could.   I’m discovering strength I didn’t know I had, and I mean mental strength, because that has always been what has limited me.  And I can’t thank Lita enough… because it took her combination of knowledge and care to get me here.

In the last couple of months I have been able to go consistently twice a week.  I do more physical activity in my daily life because I’m not hindered by the pain and heaviness I felt before.  I feel more alive and positive and can’t wait to see what I can achieve in a few more months… in a year…   I’m setting my sights on goals I thought wouldn’t ever be within my reach because, as we cheer at the end of each class, in honour and acknowledgement of what we have achieved…  “I AM AWESOME!”

Rhonwen after 4 months of consistent classes two times a week.

Ruth D

Lita is definitely a bad ass but in the best of ways.  When I started with Lita through a free boxing class, I was going through a lot and physically, emotionally, spiritually was completely drained, exhausted, you name it.  Through training with her in boxing and bootcamps, my energy/vitality has increased immensely and with her pushing my comfort zones, I learned that I can do things I normally would have written off due to my lack of ability, being overweight (about 280lbs), etc.  Lita’s life journey is an inspiration for anyone and I’ve been blessed to meet and continue to train with her.

The bootcamps consist of the amazing women she attracts into her groups who support each other and become a family within itself.  In training with Lita, I now can do more than just wake up and go workout.  I actually function now where I wasn’t able to before and my physical ability grew more and more each week as did my motivation, confidence, and desire for connection whereas previously, I wanted to remain isolated.  She truly cares about the people she trains and she is very diligent in ensuring we do the exercises properly so that we don’t injure ourselves.  She creates an exciting, loving and fun environment while she puts our “ass’s” in gear.  Many thanks and appreciation Lita…you’re Awesome!!!!!

Janani Srikantha

Since starting to work with Lita, just in a short time, I have seen many changes and accomplished things I never thought I could.  The environment she creates is safe and welcoming, and she manages to build a sense of community within her classes.  She supports my strength training and conditioning by modifying exercises to meet the challenges that I have.  And, I have definitely seen changes in my flexibility, stamina and strength, at both her bootcamp and boxing classes.  She is knowledgeable on anatomy and how the body works, and helps increase my fitness level while staying injury-free.  She makes hard work fun, while still focussing on the goal of pushing my own boundaries. She discovers my fears and hurdles, and encourages me to push past them while she stands by my side to guide me.  I am healthier not just physically, but mentally and emotionally as well since starting  to work with Lita, and my confidence has sky rocketed. I’m looking forward to seeing what else I can do and achieve with Lita’s support and guidance.

Marisa Smith-Restell

I worked with Lita Mae Button to start my new found love for boxing. The program was a great way to get into boxing and it teaches you the basics of everything, it was also a great workout! I loved working with Lita Mae she was very inspiring and encouraged me to try my best and is overall an amazing person.

Jared Rochwerg

I have been working with Lita since the fateful day I randomly decided to join her class four months ago. I quickly became addicted to her energy, passion, skill, and enthusiasm. I now work with Lita as my personal boxing trainer and couldn’t be more thrilled. Lita has a unique ability to constructively improve your skills and point out your areas of weakness, while simultaneously buoying your confidence and praising your strengths. Lita’s expansive knowledge base and areas of expertise extend far beyond the boxing ring; she is also extremely well-versed in cross training, strength training, holistic nutrition, injury prevention/treatment, among many other things. As a result, it’s rare to complete the same exercise twice, she is always modifying to keep things fresh and interesting. Lita practices what she preaches and is a champion of overall lifestyle enrichment. Her energy is infectious and she raises up everyone around her. Lita works you to the bone, but makes getting your butt whipped into shape so much fun. Every time I finish a class or session, I can’t wait to work on what I learned and eagerly anticipate the next time I get to workout with her.

Nicole Spencer

Lita Mae is a great instructor. No matter how hard the workout is, she encourages us at all times to achieve and be pleased with our performance. Her guidance makes a + difference.

Jessica Jean

Lita was my personal trainer for several months when I was home from university. At the end of those months, I felt physically and emotionally stronger than ever. Lita doesn’t just focus on helping you improve physically, the advice she gives bring confidence and improves every facet of your life. Lita pushed me extremely hard during our workouts, but it showed me how strong I am, and I learned that I could survive a little pain. Physically, I did see improvements in my body, but that wasn’t the important part. Each time I left the gym after our work out, I left with a feeling of accomplishment. I was also amazed by how de-stressing it was to work out with Lita. Ironically, it felt like a weight had been lifted! Lita is also a leader and role model, because she practices what she preaches. I have never seen another female do so many pull ups, or fight so hard in the ring! We need more people like Lita following their dreams and bringing other people up! I highly recommend her as a personal trainer and coach.

Susan E.

After major surgery, I lost 17 pounds of muscle mass. The incision ran the full length of my torso removing all core strength. I went to Lita Mae to rebuild me – starting as soon as I could walk. As a trained nurse, Lita Mae fundamentally understands the challenges of healing and as a training professional she knows the importance of challenging your limits. So a few months later, I’m back and stronger than before.

The woman in the  my mirror had aged ten years and I wasn’t going down without a fight – something Lita Mae would appreciate as a prize-winning amateur boxer. So no excuses and no giving up – Lita Mae would be too considerate to say it out loud but you knew that’s what she was thinking – so you finish the set. Exactly the kind of motivation I needed.

Getting older is hard on your body, especially if you assault it with surgery. But you can rebuild and come out fighting if you have Lita Mae in your corner.

Julie Paige

I couldn’t let the day go by without letting you know what a wonderful trainer you have in Lita Mae Button.
I trained with her this morning and was so impressed with her knowledge and caring approach. I will definitely be booking more sessions with her.

Happy to be back – and know Lita Mae will keep me motivated!

Rose Wong

I enjoyed Lita Mae’s boot camp sessions very much. Although I work out regularly doing a combination of high impact aerobics and kick boxing classes, I found her creative approaches to fitness very challenging and effective. What I appreciated most, was her sensitivity to our individual “limitations”, such as old sports injuries, and Lita Mae’s ability to modify the activity to help us do the workout and still get the benefit from it.

I saw the benefit of working with someone who knows how to train the body to build strength and flexibility, while monitoring and preventing injuries from improper use of equipment. You’re the best!

Zsuzsanna Toth

“I have been working with Lita two mornings per week for the past eight weeks. In the past few years I found that over 50 it is much more difficult to keep my weight at the right level and gain muscles for strength, but I learned through this training that it is possible! Of course it involves hard work, no kidding. But it is worth it! I feel firmer, perkier, I am much more aware of my posture while standing, walking, sitting – I even feel taller – and best of all, my backache has gone. I have also learned new exercises that I can do at home to keep up my fitness level. Having a high-stress, sitting-down job it is a MUST for me to keep those muscles working and my weight in control, so I will be coming back once in a while for update instructions in the future. Lita is a great trainer who walks with you at the right pace for you, pushing you just enough to to keep you motivated and get the results you are hoping for.”

Ellen Karp

With age, hopefully comes wisdom? But with age – especially age plus previous injuries – come body liabilities. After an accident the right side of my body was badly compromised and I had to give up the activities I loved one by one and risked slipping un-gracefully into older age. When pain started to get the better of me, I saw a specialist who told me that the accident had led to degenerative arthritis to my spine and feet and I could be wheelchair bound within a couple of years. That’s when I called Lita Mae. Within one month – ONE MONTH – of twice-weekly sessions I was standing tall, had my balance back and was getting strong again. Everything shifted and changed. No pain. I now go for daily 5K walks and can almost do a full push-up. The doctor was amazed. It’s her incredible knowledge of physiology and kineseology – plus her always-kind encouragement – that saved the day for me. She is truly exceptional. Anti-aging in the best possible way!