The Negotiation


I hear about the euphoric feeling after a workout; personally I need a nap!

I work with Lita Mae three times per week. I know I am getting stronger, and I know that if I curb my eating habits I will start to lose weight faster. The unrealistic side of me thinks that if I just eat properly for two months I will shed 30 pounds, and then I will have an instant beach body. The realistic side says, “Mmm…deep fried, junk food!”

Every day, I have an internal struggle with myself, bargaining on what I can and cannot eat. Last week I made myself proud and resisted the strong urge for mac n’cheese and had the kale and quinoa salad instead. It was super tasty and I felt satisfied, but it’s a constant negotiation.  I was craving chicken wings like crazy this week, and instead of indulging in some deep fried goodness I decided to try to bake them myself in an attempt to narrow down what I was actually craving. The It Factor was the heat of the bbq sauce making my home made wings delicious and I was able to curb the craving. I know getting fit isn’t easy –  every day is a battle.  If anyone asks how I do it, my secret is Lita Mae.  She gives me a huge mental boost every time I feel lazy or don’t feel like working out – I don’t want to let her down.  She is an inspiration, and the motivation that she exudes in her class and everyday life is addictive.  If it wasn’t for her, I know that I would have given up two months in.  It’s not a pretty or easy journey, but I know that I am not alone.

 Nicole Manzer
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