The Power of a Group


I don’t enjoy working out alone.  At all.  In fact, if you do catch me at the gym alone, you should probably record it because it’s a rare occurrence.

Reflecting on this, I’ve realized I don’t like doing a lot of things alone. I prefer to study in groups. I like working with a team. And, I definitely enjoy squatting more when there are other people around.

There is a caveat though. I can’t work with everybody.  I know, I know, I may be being picky.  But I also know that my performance and motivation changes depending on the people around me.

And, through this journey, I’m learning to stand for what I need and choose who I have around me when working out, among other happenings in my life.

I’ve noticed in the past few weeks, that I really, really love the time and the people that I spend my gym sessions with.

  • They are always positive. Despite aches and pains, a groggy morning, or a hectic lifestyle, no one complains. The time we spend together has a good vibe. This makes the early morning boxing sessions a lot easier to be at.
  • We are all different people but have commonalities. We all understand that each of us are on a journey. We share stories and tips from things we’ve done or experienced. I’ve found that I’ve learnt little tidbits about life, health, wellness and a myriad of other fun things during our rest times (when we can breathe and speak coherently again!). We learn from each other.
  • They are funny. Any one of us could be having a tough day and they ease the tension. Our conversations flow so easily that we can make each other laugh.  Those periodic giggles definitely lighten the workout.
  • We are a whole team. It’s not a group of people here and a couple of people there.  It’s all for one. No judgement. No cliques.  No one left out.  We all support each other and help each other grow. If one of us wanes, there is gentle encouragement from the group. It’s like having your own cheerleading squad, but a squad that truly wants you to do well.
  • There is camaraderie. Trust and friendship is being built in-between the pushing, pulling, punching and planking.

This is what makes this time around so different. I actually want to be at the gym with this group of women. Each of them, on their own journey, motivate me to be on mine.

This morning was tougher than normal. However, I knew I would make it there.  Not solely for the workout, but because I wanted to start the day being among the positive vibe that is present.  During the hour, I refused to give up because I knew these women were standing for my health along with their own.  So when I did pause and think, “maybe, no more,” it only took a second to regain my energy and keep going.

As I sit here thinking about how everything fell into place and how I ended up where I am today, I wonder if it was always in the cards that I would meet these strong women who bring out the strength in me.  Whether planned or coincidental, I am grateful.

Janani Srikantha


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