Her Journey: Janani 2


Habits and patterns.

Those have been the key words during the past few weeks of my journey. Now, I am notorious for starting something with so much enthusiasm, and as my interest wanes, my participation also dwindles. This has been a detriment for many of the workout regimes that I have begun in the past and soon let go of. Reflecting on this habit, with the help of a coach, I was able to understand that if I can’t do something well, almost perfectly, then I tend to distance myself from
it. I also look at the whole picture at once, and become overwhelmed at the enormity of the task.

Knowing this, I was determined to change my patterns this time around. I decided not to look at the end goal that is to be accomplished over the course of the year. But, I take it a day at a time. Every day that I’m at boxing, I commit to coming to the next boxing class. Like this, I have been to all the sessions consistently.

I’ve even worked out at home on the days when there is no class – that can be classified as a miracle. On those days, I wake up and commit to working out for that hour. I don’t think about the next hour or the next day.

It’s a small step each time, that’s adding up towards a change.


During this round of measurements, the numbers on the scale or the tape measure didn’t go down. You may be thinking that this is an odd thing to mention as a success. The reason I speak of it is because of my subsequent reaction.

Usually, when the numbers don’t decrease, I am very self-critical of myself. I blame myself, I fall off the bandwagon thinking what’s the point, and then end up blaming myself even more. However, this time it was different.

I didn’t feel any sadness. I didn’t feel any anger. I didn’t feel any guilt. I didn’t fall off the bandwagon. I didn’t blame myself.

I felt good. I decided that I was going to focus on the positives. I had energy. I didn’t feel bloated as often. I was waking up early in the morning, regularly, to be at the gym.

It didn’t have to be 100% perfect. What I was doing was perfect enough.

So, as the scale and the tape measure got put away, I tied up my laces and was ready to continue with our workout. With a smile and giving it my all.

Next, on my list of habits to tackle…food!

  1. Lita Mae Button
    Lita Mae Button
    June 11, 2016 at 11:09 am

    Hi Lashay,

    Thank you for the feedback. I would love to for you to use the content and link it to your site. Sharing is caring (the analytical part of me would say, uplifting sharing, well that’s a little more caring ;). Excited to see what you will write about, love super hero’s!

  2. Lita Mae Button
    Lita Mae Button
    June 11, 2016 at 11:10 am

    Hi. Amazing. Appreciate the compliment and looking forward to getting more women’s journey’s out there and the transparent side of the ups and downs of the fitness and health journey. Have an amazing day and month 🙂

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