Meet Yola and Why She's On Her Journey

Hi. My name is Yola and I’m living my journey. I turned 34 last November and it wasn’t until December that I decided to get a hold of myself, my life and my body. I realized that as my age kept creeping up, so did my weight. It began to affect me psychologically in a negative way. So my wonderful boyfriend suggested I talk to Lita Mae Button, a trainer and professional boxer that works at the gym he went to at Undisputed MMA. I began talking to Lita and I was immediately drawn to her positive outlook on working out and getting back into physical routines. She was motivational, inspirational and made me crave the comfort of a gym again.

I signed up for her 6 week women’s Bootcamp with my friend Alison and thus began my journey to better health, positive outlooks, motivational thinking and goal setting. I was very discouraged on the last day of the program as my weight did not drop. That scale –­ I hate that scale. But after an emotional breakdown that day, I realized something –­ I was addicted to the high I felt when I worked out and saw myself getting stronger, more physically and emotionally stable. Lita reminded me the scale does not account for muscle mass. She encouraged me to not let it get to my head and to focus on my gains.

Rebecca and Yola Partner CarrySo I signed up for 8 personal training sessions and with that one on one training, she pushed me to limits I forgot I was able to reach. I began to notice my body changing ­– my back muscles began forming nicely, my triceps surprised my boyfriend one day (he could see them!), my thighs were stronger, my butt took shape again and no longer looked droopy. My mindset changed too. I became happier, I laughed more, I stressed less, I felt motivated again, I slept better and I began wanting to fuel my body with yummy nourishing food. As much as I loved my breads and Mac and cheese (my go to comfort food), I realized this wasn’t feeding my body but weighing it down. My boyfriend showed me a 7 day clean eating meal plan and we did it. I cooked every meal, ate how it said to eat and by day 7, I was down 7 pounds ­– and up in my energy levels. At that moment I decided to live a clean eating lifestyle to the best of my ability.

After 4 weeks of personal training, classes and talking to Lita, I felt like myself again. I was happy and energetic ­– ready to take on the world. So I signed up for Tough Mudder and joined the 7 month Tough Mudder Obstacle course training program Lita designed. Now I work as a team with some amazing ladies with amazing stories and lives. I feel and see my body become stronger as I push myself to lift harder, pull faster and never quit. We all have a journey and it’s refreshing to be part of a very special one.

The biggest struggle I have had happened this week –­ a back injury. I had to take the week off of training to allow my body to heal and to allow my chiropractor’s readjustment to work. Taking this time off has made me realize how much energy I create within myself when I train. But it also made me realize that sometimes, my body needs to rest. That pushing it to extremes everyday can result in injury. Thank goodness this injury was temporary and today, I’m feeling better. Next week, I’ll come back stronger with a newfound respect for my body.

“What doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger”

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