Meet Nicole and Why She's On Her Journey


Nicole Manzer

35 Years Young, Extremely talented, creative, and successful  hair stylist


I will be getting married (second time to the same guy) either this summer or next (more detail in later posts) and I was really upset with the way my body looked in the pictures.

I was an athlete when I was a teenager and could eat like a champ without gaining a pound.  As an adult with a very busy life, I still thought I could eat like a champ and not gain a pound…silly Nicole! I feel like I’m a skinny girl in a fat girl’s body. I don’t feel like the inside me is represented when I look in the mirror, and trust me that’s a lot when you work in a salon filled with them! So, here is my story, rolls, aches, pains and successes to one day match the inside back to the outside 🙂 

I love pizza, cheese, anything deep fried,  potato chips,…did I mention cheese?

My life philosophy

Everything come to you when it is supposed to.

“Smile and the whole world smiles with you.” ~ Stanley Gordon West

Why are you on this journey?

Initially, Lita came into my salon to do some cross promotion, offering me a chance to try a few personal lessons and/or boxing.  I was scared at first that I would make a fool of myself and be way too sore the following day to work. Lastly, I had the fear of finally facing myself in the mirror and admitting that I had a problem. I was overweight and lazy. I was also getting frustrated with having to buy bigger pants every few months, always pulling and trying to stretch my clothing, (of course, the dryer shrunk the clothes; I’m not gaining weight from cuddling my couch and a bag of chips every night). So, began my journey! I dusted off my sports bra, found some comfy stretch pants that didn’t roll down every time I bent over, (you know what I mean, right?!) and a big baggy t-shirt.  I am nervously awaiting my first day of the rest of my life.

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