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Her Journey Series

When I first started competitive athletics, I was twelve and it was something my parents put me into.  It helped me cope with hormones, peer pressure, and the trials of being a teenager. But, it did not provide me with a mental sense of resiliency against my own feelings and thoughts of self sabotage.

Becoming a soul support mother, wanting to be the best role model for my son, I found that competing in boxing taught me resiliency and self empowerment that I had never experienced before. So much so that it got me the name BAB or Badass Button from one of my personal training clients.

When you are in the grind of meeting major athletic goals and working on keeping your family supported throughout twelve years of boxing, you get tunnel vision on what is occurring within the general population. Well, it has been almost a year since my last major professional competition and I have had a lot of time to reflect. I recognize that the lessons I have learned as I competed professionally, achieved life goals, and overcame challenges gave me a certain skill set and passion. It has taught me how to coach and empower women to meet their health, fitness, and weight loss goals.  I am truly passionate about helping women HIT their strength, health, and happiness ON THE BUTTON! 

On The Button.Club is a community of support, fun, and passion in enjoying a woman’s journey to better health.

Throughout my year of reflection, I have found that within the mainstream health and fitness industry, we tend to glorify a lack of clothing and weight loss.  We seem to glorify the end of the process.  We congratulate people with their “after” photo that shows their weight loss.  For those of us who understand the work and dedication that it takes to go through the process, we know that there are a lot of highs and lows that take place.  However, to women who are working on developing their fitness and healthy habits, the portrayal of only the end result can be demoralizing and doesn’t acknowledge their efforts throughout the ups and downs of their journey.  On the other hand, there are women, who find the “after” photo motivating and don’t need the recognition until the end result.  Each woman is on her own journey with her own motivators and needs. This is where HER JOURNEY comes in.

Her Journey tells the story of the in-between from the beginning to the end.  Her Journey is about the tears, the triumphs, the self doubts, the frustrations, and the steps of success that can occur for a woman as she acknowledges her body while on the path of her health and wellness journey.  As the women I coach share their stories and their goals whether it be about weight, strength or a myriad of other desires, I know one thing for certain.  As their coach, I am proud of them for constantly growing, making themselves a priority by dedicating time to work on their needs, committing to their health, and having a great sense of humour.  Most of all, I know they can and they will be all that they can be. They are all AWESOME!

On The Button.Club is inspired to showcase the journeys of these women.  Watch this space for regular updates on Her Journey!

Lita Mae
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