Find Your Abs in 90 Days Challenge

Let’s Take it Back to the 90s!
Freeze pops, Furbys, and frosted tips anyone?  No?

Well, how about 90 days to get your abs into top shape?

Who wants a set of these?

Yes, you do? AWESOME!

Starting on January 15th, through Instagram and Facebook, On The Button Club is starting a “Find your Abs in 90 Days” challenge.

This challenge is open to anyone on social media.

What does this mean?
Every time you do something that goes towards “finding your abs“, such as exercise routines, hiking, yoga, and healthy eating, you post a photo.

The 5 people who post the most over the 90 days will win a professional photo shoot celebrating and showing off their “abdominal” success.

Each post must:

  • be on Instagram and/or Facebook
  • tag @onthebuttonclub
  • include the hashtag #90abchallenge
There are no exceptions to these rules. Please note photo shoot location is in Toronto, Ontario.  


Make sure to CLICK and FOLLOW on INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK for updates on the challenges. 

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