Wednesday Workout

The left side of the screen shows how to use your body weight to develop strength with a squat.  The right side of the screen shows how you can squat to burn fat.

Tired of not sticking to your fitness goals?  Rethink the way you move your body.  You don’t need to view it as hard work, a chore or something you feel you should do.   Even if you put just 15 minutes aside for a brisk walk, consider that as a gift you are giving to yourself.  Work on letting go of the way you normally view “working out”.

Movement over time accumulates.  Lately, I have been reading about the science behind exercise, and many studies prove this.  One minute blasts of moving in different ways throughout your day will accumulate, and ultimately help your health.  Not sure of what you can do that’s quick and simple?  Check out the video above on how to use your body weight to squat and burn a few extra calories.  It also gives you a little boost of energy throughout your day of sitting. 

Still feeling a little unmotivated to get up and squat?  Why not challenge your coworker to a 1-Minute Squat Challenge?  Nothing boosts a little movement like healthy competition.  

Speaking of healthy challenges, check out the #42in6 Fitness Challenge to raise funds for SickKids Hospital and Cystic Fibrosis Canada:


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