7 Reasons Why Training Gets You, Your Desired Life.

If you train, you can get the desired life you want:  7 reasons why!
My day consists of training people – training them through boxing, bootcamp, and obstacle classes. But, it’s not just about exercise.  Nor, is it just about fat loss, losing inches, or reaching a specific fitness goal.  I train people to be ready for the complexities that life can throw at them.
As humans, life can be extremely tough, at times.  Yet, it can be even tougher when you have not built up the resiliency to deal with the setbacks that happen.  How can training, in the gym, help you be ready?
Let’s clarify how, shall we!

Direction: Stepping into a structured and organized workout program gives you direction, each and every time, you workout.  You have a specific number of reps, in certain exercises and team-building activities, to complete in a determined amount of time.

Focus: You must remain focussed to understand what your body needs to do in time and space. This is ESPECIALLY true if someone else is attempting to throw a punch at you.

Stress Relief:  The gym is a safe environment for a healthy way to release anger, tension, frustration, and unresolved issues in your life.

Happiness: Happy, feel-good chemicals are released during intensive training sessions. Here, I shall emphasize boxing because it releases dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine. It is all of these brain chemicals that make you say, “I feel so damn good for doing that workout!” 

Community: Training with like-minded people, who are pushing for more health in their life, gives you a sense of meaning, support, and purpose. 

Accomplishment:  When you are consistent with your commitment to your health goals and you train a minimum of two times per week, you feel a sense of accomplishment by beginning to see the changes in your body, state of mind, and emotional state.  

Increased Self Esteem:  Because you’re constantly working towards a sense of accomplishment, you are more likely to feel fulfilled in life and build up resiliency for when setbacks and stress occurs.  Your family member dies, you dog passes away, your partner is giving you an extremely hard time, work is piling on – no worries! Well, maybe not no worries, but they seem a lot more manageable because you have built up that mental and physical resiliency.  You are training yourself to do more every time you box, do bootcamp, and overcome obstacles!  

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