Squats, Crunches, and Zombies…Oh My!

Many conversations and training occur at the local MMA and Boxing gym. Some of them include if the world took a turn for the unexpected. These are just some of those thoughts featured on Brittany Leah Fit’s blog http://brittanyleahfit.com/squats-crunches-and-zombies-oh-my/

Squats, Crunches, and Zombies….Oh My!

Quick, it’s the end of the world and you need to survive! You’re being chased by man-eating Zombies, what do you do?

A) Punch the Zombie in face
B) Try to out-muscle the Zombie
C) Climb the 10 foot fence in front of you

Well, let’s analyze each answer from the safety of our comfortable technological devices.

A) If we choose to punch the Zombie in the face, we will be bitten and be turned into a Zombie. So yeah, NO. 

B) While trying to out-muscle the Zombie, we will most likely over power the monster.  But this will leave us exposed to a bunch of other Zombies who will eat our backs.  Ummm, yeah another NO. 

That leaves us with C) climb the 10 foot fence in front of you.  But wait! Over the last 12 years or more, I have been sitting and can barely walk two blocks or climb a set of stairs without breathing heavily,  Not to mention, I have gained 30lbs of subcutaneous fat.  AWW S$%T!  I am Zombie food! Death by apocalypse has occurred!

Well, this story may be a little bit far-fetched, but have you ever stopped to really think how your “soft” lifestyle may impact you in case of an emergency or even in the long term?  Would you be able to defend yourself by punching someone really hard, out-muscling them, or by climbing a damn fence so that you can get away to safety? Or just be able to walk into any scenario or corporate presentation, with your head held high, knowing you can take on any challenge presented to you in life?

Well, getting back to the basics of training can help accomplish this. The easiest and simplest (simple in terms of equipment) is doing things with just your body. My #1 favourite is boxing! Why? Well, you develop hand-eye co-ordination, quick reflexes to react fast (when those Zombies come to attack), and not to mention the conditioning is amazing to be able to run to the safest location. All you need to box are wraps, boxing gloves, and a good, fun coach.  In addition, using only your body weight, work on squatting, burpees, and chin ups (go to your local park and start hanging on the monkey bars with your kids).  Watch as your grip and upper body strength start to become crushing, after two weeks.  

My point: Get back to the basics and move your body the way nature intended it to.  Squat, push, pull, and be able to defend yourself.  In today’s society, we may not have death-defying scenarios occurring regularly, but we have every day stressors that are causing us to feel like we have to fight or flight.  This leads to increased cortisol in our body, and when we don’t release this in a constructive manner, we get hypertension and other diseases that occur due to this stress hormone.


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