Trying To Get Off The Roller Coaster


This time last year, I decided that I was going to stop working and be a student.  It was great at the beginning.  The learning is still amazing.  But there are some things that are not so great, which I didn’t quite anticipate.

I had a very active job, which even helped me win against two athletic friends when we did the 10,000 steps/day challenge.  I had a significant (and unfair) advantage because of my work.  That’s how much I moved.  As a student, there is a lot of sitting.

I had disposable income. Healthier food being more expensive than junk food didn’t affect me as much.  The cost of personal training wasn’t an issue.  As a student, there isn’t much disposable income. Yes, I now look at price tags, however low, and my brain starts calculating.  (For those of you who know me, this does not completely align with who I used to be).

I had a morning routine which I was forced to abide by due to being employed.  I was productive and got things done with daily deadlines.  As a student, the deadlines aren’t daily occurrences, and I’m not going to get fired if I stay in bed every day!

I used to spend my days filled with conversations.  Discussions of great relevance and ramblings about nothing were a part of my life.  I had interactions with people in the same room as me.  As a student, I speak through a screen, and when that screen is off I’m back to being alone.

Going to boxing, along with strength and conditioning, is a positive part of my life.  It is time dedicated to increasing my heart rate to counteract the hours of sitting still.  It also helps fill a void that I have with the decrease in human interaction.  It’s not a class where I workout and walk away.  But a place where I connect with others.  For the time that I’m there, I feel good.  Genuine, deep-inside-of-me good.

However, this past month or so has been kind of a rollercoaster.  I have been in a slump.  I have become an unhealthy eater.  Also, I have cut my gym time from four days per week to two days.  This may not seem like much, but it has had huge repercussions for me.  I have gained weight and I feel miserable.  Subsequently, I choose to have less face-to-face interaction because I don’t feel good.  And, this lack of discussion, inspiration, and connection has led me to be very unproductive, which is not so great when you are part of a start-up!

“Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity.” ~ John F. Kennedy

I know I have to change. I know I need to be me again.  I know I need to wake up and want to accomplish my goals.  I know that I want to look in a mirror and feel good (not by being a certain size, but because I know I’m looking after my health).  I know I want to be at 100% when I’m at boxing, as that is where I feel strong and connected.

This means no missing whole weeks of routine. This means working on my strength and wellbeing on non-boxing days, so that when I’m there I’m focussed and ready to give it my all.  This means putting the effort in and feeling good knowing that I’m not letting life’s curveballs get the better of me.

I know that before any of this can happen, I need to leave my bed.  Initially, I set my alarm for my ideal wake-up time of 5am.  But making that big leap wasn’t working and there were a few days when I slept through the alarm.  Then, I decided to train myself in fifteen minute intervals.  Each day, I set the alarm for fifteen minutes earlier, as that isn’t so much of a jarring wake up call.  So far, so good.

Now that I’m awake, what do I do?  A couple of days per week, I’m at boxing.  What about the other days?  I know that if I do nothing, I won’t develop a routine.  And, I would be back at square one feeling groggy and lousy, and then being unmotivated and unproductive.

I know that it is who Lita is, as a person, that drives me.  When she works with me, it is not just a job for her. She truly does care and exudes a positive vibe.  Therefore, for my morning routine on non-gym days, I need to find something that I could feel the same connection to.

I also had to find a focus. I know that when I’m at Lita’s classes, I need to increase my flexibility.  I get very tight in my muscles and joints, and need to focus on stretching.  I need to practice controlling my breathing, especially during the conditioning rounds.  And, my core needs a lot of work.  Thus, I’ve decided to try yoga.

My go-to medium was YouTube because at this moment in my life I’ve decided not to give too much leeway to my budget.

As I searched, I found a lot of fitness videos trying to cram everything they could into the time span of the workout.  Or they were too technical and required constant pausing of the video in order to accomplish anything.  There were a lot of videos where I couldn’t connect to the instructor and tuned out midway through the warm up!

Then, I came across 30 Days of Yoga (@yogawithadriene).  This is perfect for someone like me.  How do I know?  I didn’t tune out mid-video.  I didn’t have to hit pause once.  I could ease into the poses with my (very) limited flexibility.  I could feel my core working and my body stretching.

This is my plan to get my life back together.  Here is Step 1:  I am going to work with Lita Mae Button on boxing, and strength and conditioning.  Alongside that, I am going to complete 30 Days of Yoga with Adriene.  I am going to have a routine that involves one or the other (or both! gasp!).

Okay world, I’ve put it out there.  So feel free to keep me accountable – I will be grateful!

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