Action 2 Bootcamp 2015What is it that a good coach does for their clients and athletes? Would it be showing them a neat exercise? Keeping them accountable so they stay on track to meet their goals? Would it be measuring a person’s inches, body composition, speed, and strength? These are some of the many questions a person needs to consider when embarking on the journey of finding a coach – whether it be a personal training coach, a life coach, or a world class sports coach.

Exhibition Coaching Use for BlogOver the years of striving for excellence, in boxing and in athletics in general, I have realized that there is a depth to coaching cannot be measured. A good coach will motivate you, keep you accountable, and provide you with training that helps your progress. But, a GREAT coach strives for excellence and leads by example in almost every single area that they are helping you to achieve. Great coaching is about role modelling, being transparent, having fun, and being unconditionally supportive when clients and athletes get caught up in the complexities of life. A great coach gives you a safe place to keep coming back to again and again. A great coach motivates and sees the great inside of you, even when you fall off the wagon.

I am fortunate, throughout athletics, to have had coaches that have done that for me. And, I am excited every day to wake up and strive for the same in the coaching that I provide.

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